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We offer a wide variety of aviation experiences ranging from a wild ride in an advanced jet trainer to relaxing in the DC-3, a historic airliner from the Golden Age of aviation. These experiences are desgined for you to re-live the age in aviation where how you travelled was just as important as where you were going. The jet trainer and ex-US Navy Harvard are available to experience the basic necessity of military aircraft. Please see Warbirds for these exhilarating experiences.

We have a number of corporate entertainment and event flight packages available. Our most popular entertainment is the Cocktail Party Flights around Melbourne on our famous DC-3.

The Gooney Bird is a large seabird found in certain islands in the Pacific Ocean, clumsy and awkward on the ground, but graceful and elegant in flight. The DC-3 shares these characteristics, and became known as ‘The Gooney Bird’ during World War II. 


Our aircraft flew from new with the RAAF, saw action in two war zones, and came to us in 1989.

We found it had only flown the equivalent of three years of airline use and was in excellent condition.

It’s become widely known as ‘Melbourne’s Gooney Bird’.

It has been described as the most reliable aircraft ever built. As an Airliner, it is required to meet higher standards of construction, certification, maintenance and pilot training than those required for smaller machines.

We’ve completely refitted it, installing ex-Airbus seats, additional insulation for noise reduction, modern avionics, a flight lounge, toilet facilities, and a galley.

It seats 28 passengers.

The pilots and flight attendants are required to meet the same standards as those required by our domestic and international airlines.

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