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The most unique experience in Melbourne!

The DC-3 Joy Flight

You are going to experience air travel as it was in the Golden Age of aviation.

Before the days of crowded terminals and limited legroom (you will be delighted at the Gooney Bird’s interior space and leg room). Before uncomfortable waiting areas and endless procedures. And here is something truly unique…the Cockpit Jump Seat Experience!

You can experience the view from the cockpit of this classic airliner! 

Our DC-3 flights give you the opportunity to ride in the Jump Seat with the pilots for either take-off or landing. 

For just $75 in addition to your fare you can treat yourself or a friend to an opportunity that will not be forgotten. You will need to reserve this at booking.

How your day will unfold

- 10:15 AM. Our luxurious VIP Private Jet Lounge opens for your check-in. You will have viewing access to historic Hangar 5, where there’s interesting aircraft on display, and our display of the works of local artists will hopefully delight.

- 10:30 AM. Your Captain will conduct a short talk about the Gooney Bird as compared to current airliners. He will also outline the flight routing and expected weather.

- 10:45 AM. You will be boarding the Gooney Bird for departure.

- 11:00 AM. Take-off! Our flight route is to the MCG, then Albert Park Lake and across Port Phillip Bay towards Portarlington. We then track to Westgate Bridge, the CBD and back to Essendon Fields. (We of course are subject to Air Traffic Control and they may vary our routing)

- 11:30 AM. Arrival back at Essendon with precious and lasting memories.

Costs: $287 adults. $247 children under 14. $75 extra for jump seat

We are standing by to receive your booking!


Mobility Capability

The DC-3 is not as user-friendly as modern aircraft for passengers who may have mobility issues. It is also a tailwheel aircraft, which gives the cabin an upward slope on the ground.

We will of course assist you in embarking or disembarking, but need to know if you or anyone in your group uses or needs any form of mobility aid. If we are unaware of anyone in this position until check-in it is possible we may not be able to carry them.

We are happy for you to come out to our hangar prior to your flight to check boarding procedures in order to ensure your comfort and confidence


The DC-3 is a very sound and capable aircraft and is certified to fly in instrument conditions. It is equipped with modern air traffic and terrain warning equipment. 

It can safely handle less than ideal flying conditions.

However, like nearly all airliners from the classic era of aviation, it is not pressurised, and flies at relatively low altitudes compared to modern aircraft.However, like nearly all airliners from the classic era of aviation, it is not pressurised, and flies at relatively low altitudes compared to modern aircraft.

In less than smooth conditions, the passenger experience can be less than ideal. 

To maximise your comfort and enjoyment we only operate in pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures. 

Sometimes the aviation weather forecasts predict extensive cloud cover, high winds, and turbulent flying conditions. 

These can be the cause of cancellations, and we ask for your understanding if this occurs.

We also sometimes must cancel due to technical issues beyond our control associated with operating unique aircraft like the Gooney Bird.

Our flights are subject to minimum passenger numbers.

We monitor the weather for several days prior to flights and will keep you aware of any possible changes. 

If a cancellation occurs, we will advise you immediately and offer rebooking or a refund.

A special note to passengers coming from interstate:

If a late cancellation occurs, we will of course rebook or refund you, but cannot reimburse travel and any associated expenses you incur travelling to Melbourne. 

Please consider this when you fly with us.

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