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Gooney Bird Flights To King Island

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:27 -- Alastair

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, one of a kind experience, Gooney Bird flights to King Island is a perfect choice. Fly with us to King Island on the DC-3, our vintage WWII converted aircraft.

The DC-3 is a World War II aircraft born in the 1940s. Our plane flew from new with the RAAF, endured action in two war zones, and then came to us in 1989. The DC-3 has been operating with us for almost 30 years. It’s now widely known as ‘Melbourne’s Gooney Bird’. It’s been completely refitted with ex-airbus seats, insulation for noise reduction, modern avionics, a luxurious flight lounge, toilet facilities, and a galley. 

So, where is King Island? King Island is a Tasmanian island located in the Bass Strait. This incredible flight to King Island leaves once per week, departing from the heart of Essendon. Over the course of an hour you’ll fly past the city skyline, Port Phillip Bay, through The Heads and then on to King Island. Once you arrive you’ll climb aboard a shuttle bus to our chosen restaurant for a relaxed 3 course lunch overlooking King Island scenery. 

After, we commence an immersive tour of the island. You’ll experience the kelp farms of the island and sea life. As well as the iconic King Island beef, crayfish, and cheese. 

Flying a historic airplane, safety is one of our highest priorities during this experience. The plane is maintained to the same standards as those required by both domestic and international airlines. Our pilots and flight attendants also have to meet those standards. Not only that, but we have one of the most experienced flight engineers in the field. He knows the DC-3 like the back of his hand. So rest assured, you’re in safe hands. 

With only 3-4 of these planes left existing in Australia, this is a unique adventure not to be missed.