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'Gooney Bird' King Island Experience

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King Island Experience
It represents an undisturbed past era, with very few traces of tourism evident. The air is fresh, the people are friendly, the produce is absolutely sensational! King Island beef, cheese, crayfish, are world renowned. We have regular Sunday flights for lunch at an available venue in Currie.

What's Involved:

Check in commences at 9.45am at our Silver Clipper VIP Lounge where light refreshments and Champagne are served prior to boarding. The serving of refreshments is Covid dependent. We board at approximately 10:15 am for the 1 hour 10 minute flight, usually flown at low altitudes. The route takes us past the city skyline, over Port Phillip Bay, through the Heads and on to King Island. On arrival passengers are met by coach and transferred to a venue near/in the town of Currie.

Lunch is 3 course service to the table which will be pre-ordered before you arrive.

After lunch the coach will take you on a tour of the Currie area, walk from the Currie lighthouse down to Currie Harbour to see the Cray boats, visit to the Cultural Centre, a stop in Currie if you wish to purchase meat and on to the King Island Cheese Shop were they will have individual tasting plates ready for you.

You are welcome to purchase cheeses to take home.

We then return to the aircraft for a 4.15 pm departure.


* Return flight on Melbourne's Gooney Bird (DC-3) to King Island

* Complimentary champagne in our lounge/Hangar before departure, light snacks and refreshments in flight 

*  Short tour of the Currie area.

*   Easy stroll after lunch

*  Visit to the King Island Cheese Shop

* 3 course lunch at a restaurant in or near Currie.

The only additional cost to you are the drinks consumed on King Island.


$699.00 p/p all inclusive with the exception of drinks consumed on King Island

For Corporate flights please email

Jump Seat $75.00 - This is an additional purchase on top of your $699pp

Experience the view from the cockpit of this classic airliner! Our DC-3 flights give you the special opportunity to ride in the Jump Seat with the pilots for either a take-off or landing. For just $75 you can treat yourself or a friend to an opportunity that won't be forgotten. Contact Julie on 03 9379 9299 for Jumpseat availability.

Please email  if you would like further information.​

The Gooney Bird is a large seabird found in certain islands in the Pacific Ocean, clumsy and awkward on the ground, but graceful and elegant in flight. The DC-3 shares these characteristics, and became known as ‘The Gooney Bird’ during World War II. 

Our aircraft flew from new with the RAAF, saw action in two war zones, and came to us in 1989.

We found it had only flown the equivalent of three years of airline use and was in excellent condition.

It’s become widely known as ‘Melbourne’s Gooney Bird’.

It has been described as the most reliable aircraft ever built. As an Airliner, it is required to meet higher standards of construction, certification, maintenance and pilot training than those required for smaller machines.

We’ve completely refitted it, installing ex-Airbus seats, additional insulation for noise reduction, modern avionics, a flight lounge, toilet facilities, and a galley.

It seats 28 passengers.

The pilots and flight attendants are required to meet the same standards as those required by our domestic and international airlines.

THe DC3 Flights are booked out for 2023

Available Dates for 2024

February 4th, 11th, 25th

March 10th, 17th

April 7th, 21st