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The most unique experience in Melbourne!


Just a short drive from the CBD, Shortstop Jet Charter offers an array of Adventure Flights in Melbourne, located at Essendon Airport. For the aviation enthusiast, our ex-military aircraft will let you experience an adventure flight around Melbourne that you’ll never forget. These adventure flights Melbourne typically last 45 minutes with 30 minutes in our magnificent aircraft.


SNJ-5B Harvard

WWII Fighter Experience

Ever thought what it was like to train and fly as a WW2 fighter pilot? Or experience the thrill of the Reno Air-race? Our 1943 North American US Navy trainer the SNJ-5b or more commonly known as the (T6) Harvard has done all that. Firstly, our SNJ-5B was used for training  navy pilots for Wildcats, Corsair’s or Mustang's. From there it went on to race at Reno between the 1960s-to the late 1980s. Come and experience the golden years of piston engine aviation in a supercharged, 9 cylinder; 600 horse power fighter trainer.

Your experience will include a full mission brief tailored to your desires of aerobatic, mock combat or scenic flights. Once briefed, you will complete a pre-mission flight check with your pilot. You’ll then be strapped in and you will experience firsthand the basic necessities of military aircraft. Shortly after take-off you will begin your mission pulling both positive and negative ‘G’ as you go through loops, rolls and inverted flight as mild or as wild as you dare.

Your 30 minute mission will depart from Essendon Airport in one of the most successful military trainers in the world.

This aircraft operates regularly in Air Displays for the RAAF Museum. We also have the ability to conduct training programs in our warbirds.

Introductory flight in an advanced US Navy trainer.

Cost: $895.00 per person.

Experience the Warbird sights of Melbourne Flight

Our beautiful Harvard is an ideal aircraft to experience the sights of Melbourne. This mission includes take-off from Essendon airport, out to the west gate bridge, around the city of Melbourne before landing back at Essendon Airport. Although this a short 10 minute (15 minutes in the aircraft) flight, it will certainly give you the WWII fighter experience along with some stunning views of Melbourne city. This is an excellent introductory to ex-military aircraft and will leave wanting more!

Cost: $495.00 per person

We operate a variety of ex-military aircraft, (Warbirds) all available for air experience, training, airshows, corporate events, or just plain fun!

Before flying in these aircraft you must be aware these aircraft are designed to military specifications and not civilian specifications. Please read and understand the points below. 

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Australian Warbirds Association Limited require passengers to understand the following:

  • The design, manufacture, and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognised by CASA; and
  • CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight; and
  • The passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.

If you have more questions or want to learn more about our adventure flights Melbourne packages, give us a call. We are always be happy to help